Changes in Omnio leadership

Omnio’s founder, professor Tor Ny, is stepping down from the position of CEO in order to focus on the scientific endeavours of the company. One of Omnio’s board directors, Patric Stafshede, leaves the board to take the helm of the company as CEO. The company’s long-term consultant for accounting and financials, Henrik Bergdahl, replaces Mr. Stafshede on the company’s board.

The company needs to strengthen its corporate structure and with Mr. Stafshede taking a more operative role, we can allow Professor Ny to focus on the leadership of the scientific development efforts, says Lars Johansson, Omnio’s chairman.

Tor Ny will as the Vice President, R&D, remain in charge of all scientific development at Omnio as well as lead the support to ProMetic for the development of plasminogen into a wound healing drug. Tor Ny is also a director of Omnio’s board.

These changes are effective immediately, following the election of the new board at the regular annual shareholders’ meeting. The board now consists of Lars Johansson (chairman), Tor Ny and Henrik Bergdahl.

Mr. Stafshede has an MSc degree in Chem Eng from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, and an MBA degree from AB Freeman School of Business School Tulane University, New Orleans, USA. He has previous international experience from McKinsey & Co, Alfa Laval Agri, and Entergy Corp in both Russia and the US.

Mr. Bergdahl’s academic background is in economics and law, and he has a long experience of entrepreneurial companies in the life science sector. He has served as the CFO of Umeå Biotech Incubator, and is currently chairman of the board of CMTF Affärsutveckling AB.

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